Weight Loss Services

Weight Loss Services

While it may not be obvious to many, your weight is indeed a serious part of your health and overall fitness and wellbeing. Any overweight issue will have a harmful, long-term impact for your health, increasing your diabetes, heart and blood diseases risks.We aim to help you beat it, offering a range of universally fit weight loss medical services.

Medically Supervised

Weight Loss Long Island and Doctor Sydney Hughes offer a medically supervised weight loss program.

Medication Management

We can offer diet prescription medications to treat individuals who require additional help losing weight.

Meal Replacement

Google meal replacement and you will see nothing but ads for shakes but does this truly aid in weight loss?

Nutritional Counselling

Receive achievable personalized nutritional counseling and identify areas where change is needed.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments for weight loss with FDA-approved lasers is new and cutting edge technology.

Health Coaching

Our medically qualified health coach works with patients on their eating habits and overall health habits.

Weight Loss Long Island services the following areas of Long Island: