Weight Loss Freeport NY

Weight Loss Freeport NY


Weight Loss Long Island & Dr. Sydney Hughes can be the difference between weight loss success and failure.

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Weight Loss Freeport NY

At weight loss Long Island, we view weight loss through the eyes of medical professionals that is why we advocate for only a few physician supervised medical weight loss programs that have a solid track record of proven results. We realize that our Freeport weight loss patients can face enormous challenges in managing their weight and that friends and family may not understand the difficulties of having a weight problem.

Losing weight and transforming eating and exercising habits can be uncommonly challenging, and require motivation and readiness to make these lifestyle changes.


Freeport Weight Loss Programs

We promote healthy weight loss with physician supervision for safe and effective weight loss and improved health. Freeport Medically supervised weight loss is now available and now you can lose more weight on average than with diet and exercise alone. Speak with Dr. Hughes today and find the right plan for your weight loss goals.

Medically supervised weight loss Freeport

WeightLossLongIsland.com and Dr. Sydney Hughes provide medical solutions for individualized weight loss programs in Freeport, focusing on nutrition, activity, and lifestyle changes for people who are overweight or obese. We provide custom plans with weight loss management programs to suit your individual requirements.

Our Weight Loss Services Include:

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