Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching For Weight Loss

The concept of ‘health coaching’ is no longer for professional athletes and just the sports field and for those with money. In recent years, having a health coach has become more mainstream and part of health care in general. A health coach works with patients on their eating habits and overall health habits. This can include encouraging patients to exercise more regularly, quit smoking or another unhealthful habit, start and maintain a nutritious diet, and even monitor and give advice to their spiritual well-being too.

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Simply telling an individual that they ‘should go on a diet to lose weight for health reasons or that they need to eat less and exercise more often’ is not what a health coach does because this approach is highly unlikely to produce anything in the way of permanent or lasting change. Health coaching is about helping patients become active participants in their very own weight-loss program by devoting time and effort and developing their own goals and strategies which aids in the process of weight loss with the added benefit of maintaining a longer or even permanent change after attaining the desired shorter term result of weight loss.

Weight Loss Coaching

Being a health coach is a job that ideally requires a background in psychology and in the best of situations a medical background too and with that’s exactly what you will receive. Health or weight loss coaching is client centered and involves creating a rapport of trust and partnership with the patient while nurturing and encouraging communications and accountability.

With health coaching, patients set the agenda, the health coach sessions include asking open ended questions concerning the patients eating habits and behaviors relating to overall health, wellness and activity or exercise. The long-term coaching objective is to communicate to patients and prepare them for a life change regarding diet and exercise, and then assist them by producing an individualized health plan that will work solely for them. When patients collaborate with their own health plans with their own schedules, they are much more likely to follow through and achieve their goals. The health coach’s role is crucial in guiding patients and to ensure their health plan is reasonable and attainable.

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