Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Our medical healthcare professionals work directly with you to assess your everyday dietary intake and then identify areas where change is required and set achievable goals going forward. We will also provide nutritional counseling taking into consideration current medical care while encouraging the modification of eating habits on an individualized basis as each person’s health needs and wants are unique. At Weight Loss Long Island nutrition counseling is an ongoing process where setting achievable health goals is often re-evaluated over time but maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime is always the long term goal.

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What is nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling is a somewhat newer field within the weight loss and health care community, targeting the treatment of imbalances through the use of therapeutic diets and supplements. The basic principles or belief behind nutritional counseling is that a lack of certain dietary nutrients contributes to mental and physical health disorders. Therefore, restoring balance via a medically approved diet will assist in the relief of mental and/or physical ailments.

At Weight Loss Long Island Dr. Hughes believes that incorporating nutrition counseling is an essential and vital part of weight loss success. Customized meal plans and keeping track with medical and nutritional records with regular visits is a key factor in healthy weight loss success, and of course, adjusting meal plans as needed to ensure continued progress towards your weight loss goals. The personal attention offered by Dr. Hughes will make all the difference in your weight loss success.

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